Wednesday, January 14, 2009

JunKi commercial videos

Hey guys, here are all the links to JunKi's commercials
Some I couldn't find, if you have it, please tell me :D

Lee Jun Ki commercials (From newest to oldest)

VOV (Men's Cosmetics) Commercial

McDonald (Shake Shake Fries) Commercial

Pepsi Commercial

Longliqi Shampoo Commercial

Part .1
Part .2

Spris Commercial

Samsung Anycall Fx (series) Commercial

Part .1
Part .2
Part .3
Part .4

Samsung Anycall Commercial

Giordano Commercial

Vonin (Men's Cosmetics) Just the website, sorry

Pomegranate Commercial
Part .1
Part .2

Lacvert Cosmetics Commercial

iAudio Commercial

KFC Go-go Commercial

Su An Su (수앤수) Commercial
Sorry can't find a video related to this, if you do, please contact me

Kleenex Commercial

Chungkang College of Cultural Industries Commercial

So basic photoshoots
Part .1
Part .2

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JunKi with glasses!

JunKi with glasses!
JunKi and his glasses :P


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